Image of Interitus Mk.II Missile Launcher Kit Image of Interitus Mk.II Missile Launcher Kit Image of Interitus Mk.II Missile Launcher Kit

Interitus Mk.II Missile Launcher Kit


NOTE: This kit is now out of production, returning Summer 2017. This kit will replaced with an improved Mk.III design (Rapid Prototyped with several design improvements) in both Traitor and Loyalist versions.

Discovered in what was thought to be a mundane series of data files by a gifted Tech, their work has since been sanctioned as Proditor; their name, work, and the data files in question were all but eradicated from Loyalist records.

The initial decryption found a design for a vehicle mounted anti-air missile launcher but it was soon discovered that the design template was modular, allowing it to perform other battlefield roles. Further data decryption provided design templates for high explosive anti-infantry missiles, a low trajectory pintol mount, and barrage firing protocols. The Interitus Pattern Mk.II Launcher evolved into an excellent vehicle mounted infantry suppression weapon.

This detailed resin kit includes all of components required to build the pictured vehicle mounted Interitus Pattern Mk.II Missile Launcher. This includes the launcher, vehicle mounting plate, door trim bits, and two rare earth magnets for mounting.

Basic difficulty kit: Simply clean, assemble, and attach the parts to your base model as pictured. Some minor GreenStuff gap filling may be required. Some modification of the base model will be required; rivets and surface detail will need to be removed for a proper fit.

Kit is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

This resin kit is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Ltd.

Any Games Workshop components pictured are for demonstration only, and not included.