Image of Tutamen Mk.I Hvy. Siege Wall Kit Image of Tutamen Mk.I Hvy. Siege Wall Kit

Tutamen Mk.I Hvy. Siege Wall Kit


NOTE: This kit will return, Summer 2017. Current moulds for this kit are too worn to meet studio standards.

While far from impenetrable, these Siege Walls assemble quickly to provide significant protection to the troops they shelter. Rapidly establishing a beachhead, strong-point, or staging area with a well-placed Siege Wall can be key to a successful operation in a heavily contested area.

This large eight piece resin kit provides a complete Tutamen Pattern Mk.I Hvy. Siege Wall. Four 5" long sections, and four 2" short sections can be combined to create up to 28" of continuous Siege Wall.

Basic difficulty kit: No assembly required. Simply clean and prepare the parts, and use as pictured.

Kit is supplied unpainted.

This resin kit is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Ltd.