Studio Message ∙ May 2017

Thank you for the interest in my studio, The Dark Works. A hobby project that has since taken on a life of its own, and compelled me to create a business of making my ideas real.

With college obligations finally complete The Dark Works will soon be returning as a full-time endeavour. For now, I am still just one person with two hands and lots of ideas, so it will take some time to get the studio organized and up to proper fulltime production. It will be a challenge at first to devote time to both design and the ongoing production of what will be a consistently growling selection of kits. I am a husband, father, and homeowner, as well as a tabletop gaming addict who wants to make really awesome models, so I thank you in advance for being patient as I establish and improve the studio as one facet of my overall life.

The selection of sold out kits currently available will return to production. However, while some kits have moulds that are in good shape and ready use, other moulds are completely worn requiring replacement, and some kits need to be completely redesigned before they return to production. While it will take some time to get everything back in stock, kits will return with improvements in production and more selection of styles to choose from. I promise that if you like what you see now, this is only an early example of what is planned. There much more in The Works, over the coming weeks, months, and years.

I look forward to providing for some of your future wargear needs,

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