Studio Message ∙ July 2017

Thank you everyone who has contacted me with positive feedback and to express interest in kits from The Dark Works. Unfortunately, some home and family obligations have arisen that require my focus. While nothing of a life-or-death nature, before I get too distracted by this new venture that is sure to occupy lots of my time, it is better that I attend to them now. While I’m extremely enthusiastic to get started in the studio, family comes first.

Despite the delay in getting production started the studio is getting setup and made ready, and some less glamourous projects are being completed; things like proper ventilation, storage for future stock, general organization, equipment and materials research, and initial design work. While I have been delayed, things are still in motion and being prepared for operation.

Unfortunately I cannot give an exact date for when I will be able to start production, but I am working to get things up-and-running as soon as I can manage. Thanks for being patient.

I look forward to providing for some of your wargear needs in the near future,

Peter Lindblad ∙ Subtle Discord ∙ The Dark Works