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∙ GoFundMe ∙ 2018/19 ∙

With the foundation in place The Dark Works needs some help building from here. If you would like to help the studio grow please considering making an investment through the GoFundMe campaign that has been created. While I'm happy to accept donations, I really would prefer to consider it an investment; the studio is offering a 130% return on all donations over $20.

The GoFundMe campaign page provides much more detail, but in short, while The Dark Works has everything necessary to start production of new kits (and they look amazing) it has become a reality that the studio will need some funding to help cover costs as it expands the selection of kits available.

With a wide range of models, miniatures, and kits planned for the future, please feel free to spread the word to other tabletop gamers who might be interested in supporting the endeavor. I would much rather support the community with free product than pay interest to a bank.

Please contact the studio with any questions, feedback, suggestions, or inquiries any time. It's time to start stepping out of my comfort zone so any input and support is a good thing right now.

Peter Lindblad ∙ Subtle Discord ∙ The Dark Works