Image of Proditor Mk.I Lt. Trim Kit Image of Proditor Mk.I Lt. Trim Kit Image of Proditor Mk.I Lt. Trim Kit

Proditor Mk.I Lt. Trim Kit


NOTE: Update 2018 - All out of stock kits are currently undergoing revision and redesign. These kits will return and new kits will accompany them as the studio gains momentum.

While simple in appearance these kits take considerable labour to produce due to the long, thin, delicate nature of the parts. The studio is redesigning these 'Trim Kits' to enhance the appearance, produce a wider selection of designs, and improve the manufacture of these popular kits.

The designation Proditor (Translated: Traitor and/or Betrayer) has become a blanket term used by Loyalist forces. Many times in combat situations it may not be necessary, or prudent, to take the time to properly classify a target; better to identify it as Proditor and engage, defend, or displace appropriately.

This signature Dark Works resin kit includes all of the components required to build the pictured Proditor Pattern Mk.I Light Armour Trim. This includes trim components for the front, top, rear, and both sides of the vehicle.

Moderate difficulty level kit: the parts are strong and will bend considerably to allow access while gluing, however, some skill will be needed during the build.

To complete the kit as the studio intended, some minor GreenStuff gap filling will be required along select edges to create beveled corners. Some modification of the base model will also be required; rivets and surface detail will need to be removed for a proper fit.

Kit is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

This resin kit is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Ltd.

Any Games Workshop components pictured are for demonstration only, and not included.