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∙ Studio Philosophy

A short ramble about why I do, what I do, and how I do it. If you're interested in seeing were this studio all started and much more, just have a look at my Legion Rising W.I.P. thread.

In brief, The Dark Works emphasizes absolute top quality over quantity. My kits are not intended to appeal to every collector/gamer; these are what I consider artisan kits, intended for the collector/builder who wants to make a more unique expression with their army.

Everything is designed and produced from start-to-finish by one person (for now), in a single studio, in small batches, with strict attention to detail and tight quality control. I personally hate mould lines, bubbles, defects, poor fit, or warping in resin cast models; it doesn't have to be that way! My production process, from the prototypes, to the moulds, to the casting methods, is used to eliminate nearly virtually all of these potential casting flaws.

Look closely, what you see in the photographs of the kits is exactly what you'll receive in your order. My standard is simple really; if the casting is not nearly flawless, it goes in the reject bin and does not ship. Only the rare small and easily fixed imperfections are ever permitted. This does increase labour and material costs, but I can only stand behind a product that meets my personal high standards.